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{August 8, 2010}   Big News

So life rolls on as it has a nasty habit of doing and through I feel like I’ve been kicked down a lot over the last week there is still an overriding event from two weeks ago that is making it all seem not so bad – well that and my wonderfully awesome friends.

So two weeks ago it was suggested to me by a complete stranger that I should e-publish my works and not wait around for them to be picked up by a publishing company as in all fairness they are only interested in the next “big thing” so if I started off myself and became the next “big thing” on my own, they would snap me up and I would be in a better bargaining position.

So this week having spoken to a few people I have begun work on the website that will be hosting the e-publishing and kicked myself back into writing mode and looking into getting myself a little writing laptop to help with writing when I am not at home, or when I am at home but don’t really want to sit on my desktop for hours on end.

So this is this something that I will keep working on and hopefully – God willing – it will all happen, obviously not immediately but over time! So fingers crossed.


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