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{July 19, 2013}   Standing by the Watchtower



So the project I have wanted to do for ages has finally come to fruition.

I had the idea of putting together the poetry book around Christmas last year. My driving force for raising money for Macmillan was my grandma Hilda. 

My grandma Hilda was a wonderful woman, firm, fair and loving. There were times she absolutely terrified me when I’d been naughty, yet whenever my family went to visit her and my grandad Arthur there would always be fresh crunch waiting for us (Crunch was her name for flapjack). She was an amazing woman, a lot of how special she was I have learnt after she died.

My Christian faith is very important to me and a few years ago my mother came to me and presented me with my grandma’s bible. It contains within it some of the most inciteful annotations of theology expressed in the most simple way, which is an incredible feat. She was generous and well loved by so many and had a lighter side to her that I have seen in pictures of her dressed as the good fairy, her costume made completely out of tin foil.

When I was only just in double figures of age, she was diagnosed with lung cancer, which eventually claimed her life. It was just after her 50th wedding anniversary and she had mysteriously received a card which simply read “It’s midnight, Cinderella.” that she was diagnosed. Over the next few months my mother spent a lot of time visiting her and we went down on several trips to see her too. I can remember camping because of how sick grandma Hilda was. 

It was a very difficult time for my extended family during which the Macmillan nurses cared for my grandma and supported my grandad. So I wanted to be able to do something for other people and families that are suffering from the effects of cancer, to be able to support Macmillan in the wonderful work they are doing and educate people that they are there.

Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 1 is available from amazon in paperback and kindle, smashwords in multiple digital formats and createspace in paperback.


{July 1, 2013}   Three years on

So it has been nearly three years since I last posted on here…mostly because I forgot I had this and also because when it comes to journals/blogs etc I am absolutely rubbish at remembering to do them! I don’t know whether that’s because I get easily distracted or because I really don’t know what to say in entries. Either way I am pretty pathetic when it comes to doing them. Even the blogs I have that are character blogs for my books are terribly infrequently updated. I only remembered I had this blog when reading the blog of another author whose blog I enjoy reading and it came up when I was commenting on it that I still had this account.


So I’ve had a read back through what is on here and it’s actually given me a lot of food for thought as to what has happened in the last three years.


Three years ago I had just moved to Nottingham from Hull and was still struggling to really settle myself. My car had been broken into and my house robbed just before I had moved and I was really missing all my close friends back in Hull that I had spent a good 6 years living around and with and never really knowing what it was like to be lonely. Nottingham was a big shock to my system. I was unhappy at work and still really unsure of what I was going to be doing with my writing or if I should just be giving up on it and formulating a new career plan.


In brief since that point I have more friends than I know what to do with in Nottingham now and sometimes wish I had a nice little hideaway at the bottom of my garden where I could just sneak away from them and have some alone time. I have met two of the most amazing men I could ever hope to know who are my best friends and as close to me as brothers (and just as frustrating and annoying). I currently have five books published in paperback and digital formats with two more coming out before the end of the year alongside a charity poetry book. I am starting my own publishing company and have my first author signing to that with a book that is almost ready to hit the market. I have spent the last two years crippled by fibromyalgia and diverticulitis but have surgery being scheduled for September to get rid of the diverticulitis for good and the fibromyalgia can be managed. I have been one of a team of six that has started a church in one of the poorest areas of Nottingham and seen some wonderful things happen for the kids in the area because of it (and seen a lot of violence and drugs too but that sadly comes with the territory). I have also acted in a film called Weekend that was out in the cinema in 2012 and thus been listed on because of it.


So on balance over the course of everything the biggest problem I have had is being ill and everything else that has happened has been incredible. I probably should be much happier about it all really! So glad that I came back to this to put things into a decent perspective rather than the narrow focus that life tunnels each of us into where we came miss out on celebrating the amazing things and leaving the terrible behind us.

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