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{December 16, 2013}   Christmas Time stress

Christmas is my most favourite time of the year. I love the cold weather, the crisp frost, the long nights, the ability to sit in front of a warm fire wrapped in blankets with mulled wine or hot chocolate – it’s absolute bliss. What I dislike is the stress that comes with having to organise presents, cards, parties, trying not to forget someone and cause offence because there are so many people you have to get things for. I love giving presents, and having people over to celebrate so normally I start making plans in October, buying presents, setting out lists so I can’t forget people, so no one will be forgotten, but this year life got in the way quite a bit.

I have had hypothermia, flu, my mother in hospital for an operation, my grandad in hospital for pneumonia, vomiting bug, my best friend sick with acute gastroenteritis, severe flare ups of my fibromyalgia and all of that in the space of two months has left me feeling completely worn out and just ready to curl up and let the next two weeks pass me by without any further incident.

Sadly I know that isn’t going to happen so instead I shall just take rest where I can and hope that it is as stress free as possible.


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