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Another fantastic book from Stewart Hennessey, a must read for all people who enjoy historical fiction as well as satire and comedy, beautifully written in an amusing style that has you turning the pages wanting to find out what happens next in the often dangerous adventures of Comrade Fox.

Comrade Fox: Low-living in Revolutionary Russia by Stewart Hennessey can be purchased for Amazon Kindle for 99p

Witty and satirical, it is wonderful to read something that is so well written that it can deal with history in such an accurate manner and yet bring it to life in such an entertaining way. It is something that captures the British sense of humour perfectly and should be read by those who enjoy great British Comedy.

For me this book was absolutely sensational. The tone and voice of it is something I can identify very easily with as the way that Fox interacts with the different characters he comes across is very close to how my best friends and I interact – right down to the insufferable messages of sarcasm and gloating that betray emotions of love and elements of reassurance.

The character of Fox is endearing and very likable almost instantly. Despite his clear and present faults, he is still someone that the reader can find charming very easily. The comical tone of the book as it explores the internal struggle of the Russian war between the Reds and Whites brings the war and strife to life through the voice and perspective of a man that seemingly has his own preservation and wealth as his only priorities in life.

The plot is extraordinarily laid out, with twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and the relationships between each of the characters, especially skewed by the perspective of Fox are delightful to behold.

This is one of the few books I have read by self-published authors that has genuinely delighted me from reading the first paragraph and left me feeling just as enchanted with it by the last sentence.
For those who are British and those that enjoy a satirical and sarcastic manner will love Fox and find this book to be a real page turner.

It does rely in places on having read the previous book to this, but this is no bad thing when the writing is as good as this. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys fiction to be entertained, or to read scandal, or even to read of how even the most roguish and free-willed of men can find himself completely out foxed by a sly and cunning woman.

Smiting the Bear: The Last Stand of Comrade Fox is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle for £1.99.

Unlike many autobiographies, this book is not one that indulges the ego of its author. That is not due to any lack of successful endeavours; Hon K Lee is a man that has many accomplishments of which he could crow, instead it is a book that delves into the past of a man that leaves you feeling breathless before the end.

This book is not dry or dull as some autobiographies are; instead it is quite the opposite. The humble tone makes the book easy to read and the book description that comes with it, though it might seem like it is overselling what’s inside, the opposite is definitely true.

It isn’t a book about violence and the hard hitting brutality of the real world that you might expect from the memoirs of a former spy; yes it does have the feel of the latest top ten thriller by Ian Rankin or Clive Cussler, but the overall feel of the book is not one of aggression or self-adulation but instead one that looks at the struggles of human life, how people impact one another in positive ways as well as the negative, how you grow and change as your life progresses and that there is no end to what we learn in our lives.

This book keeps you gripped from beginning to end, has you wanting to read more with every passing word from the eloquent and descriptive way that Hon K Lee brings his life to the imagination of his readers with honesty and a deep wisdom that comes from seeing all aspects of this incredible man’s life in such a humble presentation.

Not only is this book incredible by any auto-biographical standard, it is even more impressive is an indie piece of fiction that anyone from any walk of life can learn from.

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