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{July 17, 2014}   Launch Day!

To celebrate the release of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: The Case of Mrs Weldon and Hunting the Priest Killer, there are several competitons being run for the next week on the Facebook pages of Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren, Mightier Than the Sword UK and C.S. Woolley author page


Follow the links below for more details.

The Kevin Metia Saga a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Derek Long Saga a Rafflecopter giveaway
All four Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld books a Rafflecopter giveaway


The Case of Mrs. Weldon 9 Days

Photography by Jared Drake. Actors: Rick Clegg – Christopher Gray, Nicolette Mace – C.S. Woolley, Kevin Metis – Michael L. Worrall

To celebrate the launch of the two new books by C.S. Woolley in the Nicolette Mace series there will be a 24 hour online virtual party on the Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren Facebook page.

The 24 hour book party will include competitions, giveaways, interview with C.S. Woolley, an online Q&A session with the author and extracts from both books.

To RSVP directly to the event page please visit

For the first week of release the digital copies of the book will be available for $0.99 and the paperback copies will be available for $2.99 instead of the standard retail price of $3.75 per digital copy and $6.99 per paperback copy.

Pre-orders are currently being taken for digital copies at Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

Follow Siren through a case she thought would be straight forward – follow a man’s wife and prove she is cheating on him. But Siren soon finds out that all is far from simple and straightforward.

There is more than meets the eye to the adulterous Mrs. Weldon & Siren soon finds herself struggling to know which side she is on &, more importantly, how on earth she is going to get paid.

Nicolette Mace is a private investigator out of necessity, not choice. With her family dead and nowhere else to turn she had to learn to stand on her own two feet and live the only way her father ever taught her to.

Life as a private investigator isn’t all big cases, excitement and arch enemies. Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld follows the day to day musings and activities of Nicolette Mace: The Raven Siren, taken from her online blog.

“My name is Nicolette Mace, but you might know me as the Raven Siren. I’m a Private Investigator living the 1930s romantic dream in this new and exciting modern age. I keep records of everything that happens; everything I have seen and done. Why? There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophies.”

{August 8, 2010}   Big News

So life rolls on as it has a nasty habit of doing and through I feel like I’ve been kicked down a lot over the last week there is still an overriding event from two weeks ago that is making it all seem not so bad – well that and my wonderfully awesome friends.

So two weeks ago it was suggested to me by a complete stranger that I should e-publish my works and not wait around for them to be picked up by a publishing company as in all fairness they are only interested in the next “big thing” so if I started off myself and became the next “big thing” on my own, they would snap me up and I would be in a better bargaining position.

So this week having spoken to a few people I have begun work on the website that will be hosting the e-publishing and kicked myself back into writing mode and looking into getting myself a little writing laptop to help with writing when I am not at home, or when I am at home but don’t really want to sit on my desktop for hours on end.

So this is this something that I will keep working on and hopefully – God willing – it will all happen, obviously not immediately but over time! So fingers crossed.

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