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{February 25, 2015}   New Book Pre-Order

Just three days to go until my latest book, Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 is released! It’s another installment in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series.

You can pre-order the digital editions from your local amazon store at

Pre-order for just 66p from kobo

Pre-order from iBooks and Apple

All other digital formats and the paperbacks will be available for purchase on 28th February 2015


{July 14, 2014}   3 Days

The Case of Mrs. Weldon 3 Days Hunting the Priest Killer 3 Days

Pre-Order the Case of Mrs. Weldon from Barnes and Noble or iTunes.

Pre-Order Hunting the Priest Killer from Barnes and Noble or iTunes.

{November 2, 2013}   Rising Empire: Part 1

Rising Empire: Part 1

So this week has been an exciting and draining one. On 29th October my latest book hit the shelves – Rising Empire: Part 1. It was touch and go for a while if I would actually get it finished with delays caused because my mum and grandad had both been really sick, however in a week I managed to write 38,000 words and get the whole thing finished. This was somewhat of a relief, if it was the most exhausting mental activity. 

The book is the first (chronologically) in the Chronicles of Celadmore series and along with it’s publication there is a whole new series of covers that have been introduced! It all seems to have happened at once and now all that remains is to market, wait, prayer and blog about it all in the hopes that people will find the paperbacks and digital copies, buy them, love them, review them and tell their friends about them…and I always thought that writing books was the hardest part!


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