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{February 25, 2015}   New Book Pre-Order

Just three days to go until my latest book, Filling the Afterlife from the Underworld: Volume 3 is released! It’s another installment in the Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren series.

You can pre-order the digital editions from your local amazon store at

Pre-order for just 66p from kobo

Pre-order from iBooks and Apple

All other digital formats and the paperbacks will be available for purchase on 28th February 2015


{January 4, 2014}   New Year

So it’s a new year and so there is much to be done!

However before I descend into what I have to complete in the next 12 months I thought it would be a good idea to look back on this year and see what has happened, what was good, what was bad, what worked and what didn’t.

I was finally diagnosed after struggling with long term illness, as having fibromyalgia and diverticulitis. Neither are particularly pleasant to suffer with but as a combined force, it is wonderful fun. This has not stopped me from moving forward though.

I was encouraged to start working on some scripts for the first time in several years and really enjoyed writing them – watch this space to find out what happens with them.

I had the covers for the Chronicles of Celadmore revamped and now they are looking superb (even if I do say so myself) I am incredibly happy with them and those that are going to be coming next.

Books were given away left, right and centre in competitions through Momma Says Read (if you haven’t discovered this amazing site and woman – go look now!)

I received lots of helpful feedback on novels that are in the works and other projects.

I got the opportunity to work with a fabulously talented composer who has brought so many of my ideas to life through music.

I took the total of my books in the market to eight and had the honour of publishing someone else’s work that has been selling well A Miracle of Grace

Plans for revamping the covers of the Nicolette Mace series are now well underway and should be out very soon.

I had a crazy October where I wrote the whole of Rising Empire: Part 1 in a month and then went on to do the NaNoWriMo challenge in November and cleared 70,000 words on a combination of projects.

I did some recordings of soundbytes for forthcoming videos linked to my books that are currently found on and also one of the rough videos that is on Youtube…

The Raven Siren wiki was finally launched and can be found at…

And I got to review some amazing books!

But that was all last year.

This year is looking even more jam packed with scripts going out to unnamed people and the following publishing dates for people and their diaries!

Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Beginnings will be out on February 14th 2014

Rising Empire: Part 2 (Chronicles of Celadmore) will be out on March 23rd 2014

End of Days (Chronicles of Celadmore) will be out on May 14th 2014

Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Lily & Rose Saga will be out on July 4th 2014

Standing by the Watchtower: Volume 2 will be out on July 11th 2014

When Darkness Falls part of a New Series!! The Dragonian Wars (Related to Chronicles of Celadmore) will be out on 14th August 2014

Nicolette Mace: the Raven Siren – Legacy will be out on November 11th 2014

There will be other books announced and other series publication dates that will be announced later in the year including a new book from Harry Mirfin and the announcement of some children’s books, but for now that is all of them!

{November 2, 2013}   Rising Empire: Part 1

Rising Empire: Part 1

So this week has been an exciting and draining one. On 29th October my latest book hit the shelves – Rising Empire: Part 1. It was touch and go for a while if I would actually get it finished with delays caused because my mum and grandad had both been really sick, however in a week I managed to write 38,000 words and get the whole thing finished. This was somewhat of a relief, if it was the most exhausting mental activity. 

The book is the first (chronologically) in the Chronicles of Celadmore series and along with it’s publication there is a whole new series of covers that have been introduced! It all seems to have happened at once and now all that remains is to market, wait, prayer and blog about it all in the hopes that people will find the paperbacks and digital copies, buy them, love them, review them and tell their friends about them…and I always thought that writing books was the hardest part!


{September 9, 2013}   Writer’s Block



So what I don’t understand about writer’s block is where it comes from and where it goes to after that. When I get afflicted with it, it’s not a lack of ideas or knowledge of where a story is going, it’s more a sense of sitting down to write – getting a headache and feeling like writing just is quite pointless. 

Sometimes I wake up feeling like that and just want to curl up under my duvet and watch tv from the 1970s to the 1990s (sometimes the early 2000s if I have access to the West Wing) or alternatively spend the day playing on my xbox or playstation and the whole feeling lasts for days, sometimes weeks. Then another morning I will wake up and it will be gone and four thousand words will trip of the end of my pen before lunch.

They say you should sit down and just force yourself to write through the block, but I’ve never found that very helpful, it fact all it does is make me headache worse and make me frustrated that I can’t write. And in my frustration I turn on my consoles and things die in computer game land.

It also doesn’t seemed to be helped by having a bad day with my fibromyalgia and diverticulitis: pain is not helpful when trying to beat writers block and neither is exercise it turns out.

{September 7, 2013}   Kickstarter project


So the Raven Siren series is in print and digital over in the states through Amazon which is great, but that’s not all that helpful when it comes to putting the books into bookshops in the UK, especially when the royalties on the paperback books through amazon go down to being tiny amounts of pence when people buy them from anywhere but amazon. 

So I looked into how much it would be to print them myself and distribute them to bookshops etc in the UK which requires capital, though less than I thought it would. But still more than I currently have available. So in order to try and raise the funds I have started a kickstarter project that outlines the money that is needed and how it would all work.

{July 1, 2013}   Three years on

So it has been nearly three years since I last posted on here…mostly because I forgot I had this and also because when it comes to journals/blogs etc I am absolutely rubbish at remembering to do them! I don’t know whether that’s because I get easily distracted or because I really don’t know what to say in entries. Either way I am pretty pathetic when it comes to doing them. Even the blogs I have that are character blogs for my books are terribly infrequently updated. I only remembered I had this blog when reading the blog of another author whose blog I enjoy reading and it came up when I was commenting on it that I still had this account.


So I’ve had a read back through what is on here and it’s actually given me a lot of food for thought as to what has happened in the last three years.


Three years ago I had just moved to Nottingham from Hull and was still struggling to really settle myself. My car had been broken into and my house robbed just before I had moved and I was really missing all my close friends back in Hull that I had spent a good 6 years living around and with and never really knowing what it was like to be lonely. Nottingham was a big shock to my system. I was unhappy at work and still really unsure of what I was going to be doing with my writing or if I should just be giving up on it and formulating a new career plan.


In brief since that point I have more friends than I know what to do with in Nottingham now and sometimes wish I had a nice little hideaway at the bottom of my garden where I could just sneak away from them and have some alone time. I have met two of the most amazing men I could ever hope to know who are my best friends and as close to me as brothers (and just as frustrating and annoying). I currently have five books published in paperback and digital formats with two more coming out before the end of the year alongside a charity poetry book. I am starting my own publishing company and have my first author signing to that with a book that is almost ready to hit the market. I have spent the last two years crippled by fibromyalgia and diverticulitis but have surgery being scheduled for September to get rid of the diverticulitis for good and the fibromyalgia can be managed. I have been one of a team of six that has started a church in one of the poorest areas of Nottingham and seen some wonderful things happen for the kids in the area because of it (and seen a lot of violence and drugs too but that sadly comes with the territory). I have also acted in a film called Weekend that was out in the cinema in 2012 and thus been listed on because of it.


So on balance over the course of everything the biggest problem I have had is being ill and everything else that has happened has been incredible. I probably should be much happier about it all really! So glad that I came back to this to put things into a decent perspective rather than the narrow focus that life tunnels each of us into where we came miss out on celebrating the amazing things and leaving the terrible behind us.

et cetera